After The Homestretch-Arizona is governed by a 5 member board with diversified talents and experiences. Our appreciation and love for the equine athlete have brought us together to provide options and opportunities for these horses to find new, adoptive homes. 


We are supported by an Advisory Council of seasoned equestrian professionals.

Meet Our Board


My superpower is 

problem-solving. There is a MacGyver in me that sees a need, assesses the resources at my disposal and then comes up with a solution – usually, a temporary one until a more permanent and appropriate solution is secured.

Dannielle Marturana

Founder & President

Jen and Bourbon.jpg

My superpower is 

planning trips. Whether it is my husband’s record tour, or a trip down a 20mile dirt road to a beautiful lake, I love everything about it. I love the journey as much as the destination! 

Jennifer Johnson

Director of  Equine Management

Tony and Ridgeway.jpg

My superpowers are

calmness, empathy, and patience.

Tony Janes

Director of  Equine Management

Susan and Lee.jpg

My superpower is 

driving a semi. I've been driving semi trucks since I was 19.

Susan Hayes

Vice President &

Director of Operations

Beth and Bourbon.jpg

My superpower is 

writing. It dosen't matter if it's for business or pleasure, if I have a computer or pen and paper in front of me, I'm writing!

Beth Laster

Secretary & Director of Marketing and Communications

Advisory Council Members:

Dr. Stacey Sickler D.V.M

Veterinary Care Advisor

Veterinary Practitioner

Kim Drangsland

Therapeutic Rehabilitation

Equine Bodywork & Therapy