Velvet and Dixie

If any horse deserved a retirement, it is Velvet. In her 18 years she has been a racehorse, was ridden by dozens of people including young children after her racing career ended, and raised several wonderful babies as a broodmare. Her sweet, giving disposition never changed although she endured neglect and abuse during many of those 18 years. Velvet was rescued by After The Homestretch in 2012.

 So when we received an email from Dana who asked if we had any horse deserving retirement and would be guaranteed a loving home, Velvet instantly came to mind. Dana's own plans for a retirement dream was coming to fruition. She had bought several acres and already had one older Arab mare, Dixie, some dogs and chickens. Now Dixie needed a companion.

One of our fosters, Fiona, had taken in a seeing-eye donkey, Pepito, and a nearly blind horse, Noah. Fiona was looking to find a permanent home where they could live out their lives together. I had met the pair and fell in love with them myself so I told their story to Dana, hoping they could be part of her retirement dream, too. Dana did not hesitate to say "yes".

Pepito turned out to be quite a handful at first chasing the dogs and chickens, so Velvet had to wait a month for Dana to come up with a solution to Pepito's antics. Noah and Dixie got along well, but Noah's need for Pepito and their bond together kept Dixie from having a true companion.

Velvet's addition was magical for Dixie. They became instant best friends and walked around the arena together shunning Pepito which was quite funny.

Once again, Velvet's giving personality came through. She provided the friendship Dixie needed and a home for 2 other equines, Pepito and Noah although she might have reservations about Pepito.

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