Striker Bean

Striker Bean, a misunderstood "bad boy," and at 17 hands high, had a tendency to return pats of kindness with a display of his teeth or to run a volunteer out of his pen when it needed cleaning. He acted differently when haltered, however, very respectful and eager to work. Obviously, he needed experienced and expert help to get him to become an "adoptable" horse.

We had two months left from Emergency Funds we received from After the Finish Line and asked Dawn Mellon if we could use it to train Bean. She allowed us to do so.


Laurette Harris of Four Reel Farms was up for the task. She saw something in him that told her he wanted to be a good horse but didn't know how. She did not react to his misbehaving other than giving him an elbow, telling him "no", and working with him until he figured out what she was asking of him. 


Eventually, the behavior started to lessen and he began to enjoy engaging his brain and learning new commands and doing arena work.

In January 2018, Striker Bean was adopted. He was so fortunate to find Nancy who liked his looks, his ride, and somewhat naughty personality. She fell in love with ALL his silliness.


Nancy has brought out the best in him and made him truly part of her family. What a great gift of a home and family for Striker Bean who turned 12 years old the day after his adoption.