"I want to say "thank you" to all of you for trusting me with this opportunity to care for "Star".  I am extremely excited and have fallen completely in love with her.  I promise you that she will be one of the most spoiled mares out there and loved completely.


I also feel so supported by ATHA.  I know that I will be able to reach out to any one of you for advice if I get stuck in my new journey.  Please know, that I still plan on volunteering so don't give my time away :).  I have lots of love to go around for my equine family.


I cannot wait to move her to her new home and begin our life together.  Thankfully, Jill will be right there if any issues come up.   I know this will be an adjustment for "Star" (or "Bella" as I like to call her) and that she will miss her buddy Connor.  I will make sure that I move her when I can spend the entire weekend with her to make sure that she has as smooth of a transition as possible.  


By the way, she looked extremely beautiful in her new red halter that I put on her today.  I hope that all of you will come and visit her at her new home."



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