Ron Bob

In October of 2011 we were notified that a trainer of race horses had lost his job and had several ex-racehorses at his home he needed help to feed.  Other rescue organizations joined in to assist with alfalfa. 


After The Homestretch-Arizona took 2 horses, Alki-Run and Yahoo (later adopted and renamed Reno) and posted pictures of the other horses on our Facebook page.  Among the pictures was this beautiful 17h grey named Ron Bob.  Originally we wrote on Facebook that he would be great for dressage.  Claudia and her friend were looking for a horse to train in dressage so she called this trainer to inquire about him.

It was then that Claudia was told about the chip in his ankle and of his other issues.  In November Claudia called me to ask about the grey.  She just couldn't get him off her mind.  I was able to give her updates when I visited the horses and then one day Claudia came to see Ron Bob for herself.  


The owner was very honest with her about this 6 year old's condition and personality.  Claudia felt that even if he turned out to only be a "pasture pet" she would be delighted just to see him healthy again.

To help with the feed of the other ex-racehorses, we accepted a challenge and presented it to our supporters to raise money to purchase and deliver 10 bales of alfalfa.  Many of you accepted the challenge and within just a few days we raised the funds to help feed Ron Bob's former stall-mates.

We are happy to report Ron Bob is adjusting well to his new home and we hope to be getting updates.  Here is what Rob Bob looked like in 2009 at the Santa Anita Park Paddock in California.

So, a special thank you to those who rose up to the Challenge....we thank you and Ron Bob thanks you!

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