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Ridgeway After The Homestretch-AZ.jpg

DESCRIPTION: Thoroughbred Dark Bay Gelding 16.3h 1137 lbs.

FOALED: 4/1/16 (BC)

DAM: Smokin Danielle by Smokester

SIRE: Teide

HISTORY: Raced at Hastings and Turf Paradise. 5 Starts - 1 Second and 1 Third = $4,021

ATHA ARRIVAL: 12/30/20

Ridgeway came to us with an injury to his left front leg. His initial veterinarian intake exam included x-rays that revealed he has high and low ringbone which is very painful. It requires special hoof trimming to open up the joint and special shoes called “Rockers” which will help him find a comfortable way to move.


His body is trying to send bone to the joint to fuse it so that he doesn’t have to bend it. The time it takes to fuse that joint varies, depending on the horse. Once the joint fuses, he will be comfortable enough to be ridden. The farrier sees him every 7 weeks. Ridgeway is on a daily pain pill, Equioxx, to help management his pain. He also gets weekly MagnaWave treatments to speed up healing.

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