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March 2023

Hay Friends!

Comet here with your first official spring update of the year. The other horses and I love it when it’s chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon. It’s perfect playing-and-then-napping weather! In case you don’t know me, I’m the Resident Social Director, Mascot, Reporter and Blog Writer at After The Homestretch AZ. I’m also the only quarter horse and the only gray horse in the herd!

gray quarter horse playing with a ball

I love goofing off and playing with my buddies. I especially enjoy getting into all sorts of mischief!

Bold Cowboy Update

Cowboy promised he would do his best for everyone that contributed to make his surgery possible and have supported him during his recovery.

And guess what, he delivered! If you are new to this blog and don’t know the details about Cowboy’s injury, surgery, and recovery, read more in this blog and this blog.

vet checking out dark bay thoroughbred gelding

Here’s Cowboy at the surgeon’s ranch getting his final shot. Dr. Christine McCormick came out to tell Dannielle that he’s already at almost 100% flexion in the repaired knee! Way to go, Cowboy!

Rehabilitation Report

It was time to check the progress of our horses in rehabilitation. So in early March, Dr. Sickler and her assistant, Amanda, came out to the ranch to x-ray, ultrasound, evaluate and treat Elka, Ridgeway, Ry, Cowboy, Mystic and Stu.

Elka was treated for an abscess. Mystic and Cowboy are healing very well. And the rest of the horses need special trimming and shoes.

That’s Stubborn Streak (left) getting an X-ray and Mystic Reality (right) having his ultrasound evaluated.

Success Story Review

It’s simply the best when two horses “who were both failed by humans got to meet each other and be happy.” This quote is from Tracy, Sheba’s and Gallo’s adoptive mom.

two horses

It’s such a joy to see Secretariat’s granddaughter Sheba’s “Sheba’s Spirit” and Gallo, an over-worked yet very well-bred quarter horse, figuring out the dynamics of their new herd and thriving. They are truly living their best life with Tracy!

The Ranch Scoop

We are pleased to announce that Tina Vail has joined the ATHA Board as the Director of Volunteer Services.

Tina continues to do an outstanding job in her role as the Volunteer Coordinator, and her passion, commitment and integrity are exactly what we look for in our leaders. We are thrilled she has come on board!

Congratulations, Tina!

Horsing Around

bay thoroughbred geldings

I want to know how Ridgeway got most of the toys in his stall?? I need to find out his secret because I want more toys to play with!

man haltering bay thoroughbred gelding

Oops!! Someone snuck out of his area when a volunteer was cleaning his water bucket! It was Hawkeye, the Adventurer! That sounds like something I would do! Luckily, Volunteer Phil was nearby and was able to get Hawkeye back in his stall. Thanks, Phil, for keeping our buddy safe.

Volunteers In Action

I have to say, we have THE best volunteers ever!

volunteers feeding hay at a ranch

Brian, Laurie, Charlene and Jeff were braving the muddy, wet and cold weather to make sure me and my buddies got our hay and supplements.

That’s my friend, Talkity Talk, assisting Brian in filling his nibble bag. Meanwhile, Arizona Ry, is laughing at the rest of us because he has a barn area in his turnout so he can escape the rain!

Training Time

It is incredibly exciting to see Talkity Talk doing SO well with our trainer, Ben Monarque. You can watch the video of them here.

two horses running in an arena

Speaking of Talkity Talk, here he is running with me in the arena!

It looks like Talk may have found his forever family. I’ll keep you posted! Fingers crossed!

Until the next blog, Comet

After The Homestretch AZ is a 501(c)(3) Arizona non-profit organization whose mission is to protect the legacy of former racehorses through Reconditioning, Retraining, and Re-homing.

Our organization is 100% volunteer-run so we rely solely upon the generous support of our donors and grant partners.

Click here to find out how you can get involved!


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