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January 2023

Happy New Year!

Comet here with your first blog of 2023. In case you don’t know me, I’m the Resident Social Director, Mascot, Reporter and Blogger for After The Homestretch AZ!

Even though all my jobs at the Ranch keep me busy, I love being here and hanging out with the horses. I also love being silly with the volunteers and writing the Newsletter and this blog!

Two horses standing on their hind legs

That’s my buddy Talkity Talk and me. I’m the gray one in case you don’t know me. We’re trying to see who’s taller. What do you think?

Adoption Announcement

Rocky “Classic Hard Top” was adopted by Jules “Giuliana” on New Year’s Day! What a great way to start the new year!

Rocky "Classic Hard Top" Gets Adopted

Jules wanted Rocky for two years so she saved her money, found pet sitting jobs, and volunteered here at the ranch to be near him. That’s love!

Jules plans to do Gymkhana with him. For those of you like me, who have never heard of Gymkhana, it’s an equestrian event consisting of speed pattern racing and timed games for riders on horses.

These events include barrel racing, pole bending, keyhole racing, keg racing and many other variations of timed races and games.

It sounds very exciting, and I know Rocky and Jules are going to have SO much fun!

We love our success stories!

Rescue Reveal

It is my honor and privilege to introduce you to 5-year-old Bold Cowboy. This handsome dark bay thoroughbred gelding arrived at the ranch on January 7th from the track.

Bold Cowboy dark bay thoroughbred

His dad, Cowboy Cal earned an impressive $1,037,810 in 19 starts, and his grandpa is pretty famous!

Cowboy’s Grandsire, Giant’s Causeway, known as “The Iron Horse,” earned an impressive $3,078,989 in just 13 starts!

And after retirement, he became North America’s leading sire in 2009, 20210 and 2012 and was among the top five sires through 2014. He sired 15 crops of racing age, with 1,259 winners and combined progeny earnings in excess of $165 million!

Wow, just think about how many toys and snacks I could buy with that kind of money!

Cowboy’s Injury

In his last race at Turf Paradise, Cowboy had drawn the post position #1. The dirt “banked higher” on the left side causing his front left leg to land on a slant instead of level ground and caused a slab fracture to his left front knee.

Shortly after he arrived, our vet, Dr. Sickler, took X-rays of his injured knee and found the fracture was pulling apart. Ouch!

The X-rays strongly suggested that he needed surgery to stabilize the knee. Dr. Sickler believed Cowboy would be able to have a career as a dressage or trail horse if he received this surgery.

Without the surgery, he could only be a companion animal.

ATHA’s Heroes

This is where our supporters and After The Finish Line stepped up in a mighty way for our new herd mate.

After the Finish Line offered us a matching grant for Cowboy’s surgery!

The surgery would be $2,500, and After the Finish Line said they would match all donations made to After The Homestretch-Arizona up to $1,250 so our boy could get the surgery he deserves.

What happened next was amazing to see!

As soon as Dannielle posted this request on Facebook, donations started pouring in and before the end of the day, we had the money needed, along with the After The Finish Line’s match, and scheduled Cowboy’s surgery!

Cowboy’s Surgery

The very next day, Cowboy was transported to Copper Ridge for 8 AM surgery.

After the surgery, we heard from Dr. McCormick’s assistant that Cowboy required two screws in the break to close the gap and allow the bone to fuse. Everything went well, and Cowboy was up and back in the barn!

Yippee! We were all so excited to hear that our new herd mate’s surgery was a success! He had to stay at the facility for 14 days for his recovery, bandage changes, and observation.

Training Time

Check out Tyger Top’s training session! Apparently she’s not too fond of someone touching her hind leg! We’re so glad our trainer, Ben Monarque is working with her. He’ll help her trust again.

Go Tyger, Go!

Until the next blog, Comet

After The Homestretch AZ is a 501(c)(3) Arizona non-profit organization whose mission is to protect the legacy of former racehorses through Reconditioning, Retraining, and Re-homing.

Our organization is 100% volunteer-run so we rely solely upon the generous support of our donors and grant partners.

Click here to find out how you can get involved!


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