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Hay Bales and Happy Trails: A Day in the Life of Comet, After The Homestretch AZ's Resident Social Butterfly!

Howdy, neigh-bors! It's your favorite four-legged blogger, Comet, back with another update from After The Homestretch AZ (ATHA)! Now, for any newcomers around these virtual paddocks, let me introduce myself. I'm the official ambassador, mascot, reporter, and – most importantly – resident goofball at ATHA. Yep, horsing around is my specialty!

Right now, let me tell you, Arizona weather is hitting that sweet spot – not too toasty, not too chilly. It's prime time for some good, old-fashioned equine frolicking! But before we get to the fun stuff, let's talk about what truly matters here at ATHA: the well-being of our fellow foals, fillies, and gentle giants.

Our Mission: From Racetrack to Forever Home

We all have one primary goal at the heart of our stable: ensuring the health and happiness of every horse in our care. These magnificent creatures deserve the best after their time on the racetrack, which is where many of our stories begin. You see, the need for loving homes for retired racehorses is neigh-ver-ending, and that's where ATHA steps in like a knight in shining armor (or should I say, a knight in gleaming horseshoes!).

Our mission has two main legs to it: first, to prepare our equine friends for their next chapter through thorough rehabilitation and retraining. We want them to feel confident and ready for their forever families. Second, finding those perfect forever families! This involves carefully matching each horse with the right person or group based on personality, experience, and lifestyle. A good fit is all about creating a happy herd – for both the horse and the human!

Building a Strong Herd: Volunteers & Professionals

But ATHA wouldn't be the amazing sanctuary it is without two other crucial elements: our dedicated team of volunteers and our network of skilled professionals. Every day, these incredible people lend a helping hoof, from providing daily care like grooming and feeding to offering specialized training and medical expertise. They're the unsung heroes who make sure every horse gets the love and attention they deserve.

A Speedy Start: From Dream to Reality

Now, let's talk about our origins! Back in 2011, the idea to create a haven for retired racehorses sparked like a well-placed horseshoe. The founders wasted no time, immediately setting the wheels in motion. They received their official non-profit status and within weeks, ATHA was up and running, ready to welcome its first batch of retirees.

Since then, ATHA has become a thriving community, a place where former racehorses can trade the roar of the crowd for the gentle rustle of hay and the comforting whinnies of their new herd. But our work never stops. Every day, new horses arrive, ready for a fresh start. And every day, we dedicate ourselves to giving them the love, care, and training they need to find their forever homes.

So stay tuned, friends! This is just a glimpse into the world of ATHA. In future posts, I'll introduce you to some of our amazing residents, share heartwarming adoption stories, and maybe even give you a peek behind the scenes of our daily routines. Until then, remember to spread the word about ATHA and the incredible work we do! After all, together, we can make sure every horse has a happy ending.

See you next time – stay neigh-tastic!

Your hoof-beat reporter,



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