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This News Page features a collection of updates and news articles about our horses, including new arrivals, adoptions, ranch updates, and the community events that support them. 

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Bella and Mephista Reunite!

On November 6, 2020, we took 22-year-old Bella up to Cornville to help her former pal, 23-year-old Mephista.


Mephista is the daughter of Devil His Due (who made almost $4-million on the track) and Ask My Secretary (daughter of Secretariat). One of Mephista’s owners passed away which caused her (and her other owner) to be very sad. Then her companion horse left and Mephista stopped eating.


Concerned for Mephista’s health, we were called and brought up Bella. Mephista and Bella instantly reunited and ate and drank water together.

Welcome Back, Grayhawk!

As part of our TAA accreditation, we keep up with our adopted horses and always offer ourselves as a “safety net” should life circumstances change necessitating the horse coming back to find a new adoptive home.


Grayhawk is the 6 year old son of Ace (Acolyte) and Tia (Boy Toy).

Happy Adoption Day, Teddy the Bear!

On November 1, 2020, our beautiful, sweet and athletic Teddy was adopted and joined his forever family with Tracy and his new herd mates.

It was heartwarming to see Teddy so playful with his new herd mates and win over Big, a 32-year-old Quarter Horse who's usually a bit grumpy!

Rocky Joined Our Herd in October

Meet 2-year old Classic Hard Top ‘Rocky.’ He is well along in his rehab from left stifle surgery. We will prepare him to be a nice trail horse.


He is a son of Uh Oh Bango, however this guy did not make it to the track. He has had lots of love so he is very sweet. Already he and Comet are working out a friendship.

Reno Found His Forever Family

Front Runner "Reno" has found his perfect match with his new family. The Bonners are thrilled to add Reno to their herd. His new herd mates include Grace, a Thoroughbred mare, Max, a mini horse and a donkey named Lucy!

Reno has already been trailing riding along with Grace and his new family.  

It's a "Sunny" Day at the Ranch

We welcomed Artois Sunset "Sunny" to our herd in August, 2020. She is a 4-year-old gray/roan filly from Turf Paradise.

The name Sunny fits her sweet and personable disposition. She fit right in and is quickly becoming a volunteer favorite. She's in our aftercare program rehabbing from some feet and back end issues.

We've Got The "Talk" of the Town

Look who rode into the ranch! Eight-year-old Talkity Talk was a racehorse with 16 starts, a pony horse on the track and then a family horse. He has no known injuries.


“Talk” is very friendly with all the other horses and very respectful of people. He is becoming a fast favorite with the volunteers.

Lee's Gold Finds His Forever Family

Lee’s Gold, now known as Rhett, was adopted by Nancy on April 11, 2020. It is such a great match, and we know Rhett will blossom with her and her family, including their pony, mare and gelding.


Nancy said, “It’s amazing how he just fits in with the new surroundings. We belong together, not a doubt in my mind. I’m so in love with him.” Congratulations to Rhett and his wonderful forever family!

Meet Our St. Patrick's Day "Patty"

The luck of the Irish blessed us with this beauty on St. Patrick’s day. And her sire is from Ireland so we had to call her Patty!

Hong Kong Flew (her registered name) is a 4-year-old dark bay filly. She is in our aftercare program rehabbing from a hairline fracture on her left front knee.

Copabella Arrived In March

Copabella - we call her Loretta - will be 6 years old in May. She raced as a 4 and 5 year old.


Her lineage is very impressive. So many Grade 1,2,3 winners.


Loretta is a fast learner and is very sweet. We will get her acclimated and trained. Her former owner feels that she would make a great trail horse.

Happy Adoption Day, 

Airborne Mark!

Happy Adoption Day! Brian and Valerie, volunteers at After The Homestretch AZ, added Airborne Mark to their family.


We couldn’t be happier for this fabulous horse who fits right in with this wonderful family.

Airborne Mark’s new stall buddy is an Arabian named Flash.

Sasha Finds Her Forever Family

This beautiful chestnut mare, Shashanmahaganrand "Sasha," has found her perfect home with Michele and Adam, former ATHA herd member, Newly and OTTB Here Comes Frazier, their two mini horses, Scooter Bunsen and Stampy and their two dogs, Lilly and Pluto!

Sasha has fit in perfectly with her new family, and we couldn't be happier! Congratulations!

Meet Hello Bourbon

Say “hello” to Hello Bourbon. This 6-year-old Kentucky-bred Chestnut gelding is fresh off the track.


He is the son of Kitten’s Joy and Treasured Song by Unbridled’s Song. He was retired sound and is hopefully destined for the Thoroughbred Makeover.


We look forward to learning more about Hello Bourbon as he settles in at the Ranch.

Happy Adoption Day, Inconceivable!

This 3-year-old captured a lot of hearts and so many will miss him but are happy for him at the same time.

Inconceivable, now known as Finn, has done a lot of growing up (we got him as a 2-year old) and has had some great adventures off property and on the trails with trainer, Jody Swink.

He has a great life ahead with his adoptive dad, Daniel. We are all looking forward to hearing of his progress

ATHA Has Again Earned Accreditation by TAA

We are pleased and incredibly proud to announce that After The Homestretch Arizona has been successfully re-accredited by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance.


According to the TAA’s Code of Standards, accreditation status is determined after a complete review of five areas: operations; education; horse health care management; facility standards and services; adoption policies and protocols. 


This accomplishment is known as “The Gold Standard” in thoroughbred aftercare. There are only 70 accredited organizations, and we are the only one located in Phoenix.

Jackhammer Gets His New Forever Family!

Kirsten began volunteering earlier this year and immediately fell in love with Jack. She sponsored him for many months and her husband, Brad, reached out wanting to surprise her for her birthday by adopting Jackhammer. 


As preparations began, he realized too many decisions needed to be made so Kirsten was brought in on the surprise. 


On her birthday, it was made official, Jack has a loving family to call his own. He will be kept nearby and Kirsten plans to visit with him often.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday Kirsten!

8th Anniversary Spaghetti Dinner

Our 8th Anniversary Spaghetti Dinner was held at Harold's Cave Creek Corral on July 28, 2018. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the delicious spaghetti dinner, donated and participated in the silent auction and 50/50 raffle.

We raised just over $6,000 for our horses thanks to the efforts of so many volunteers and supporters. 

Meet Airborne Mark

Look who we picked up from Arizona Downs Racetrack! 


This is 10-year-old Airborne Mark who has just retired from racing. He will receive rest, learn a new career and get ready for a new, adoptive home.

Airborne Mark had 47 starts with career winnings of $76,841.

Mark settled in nicely at the Ranch and became friends with Comet and Reno right away. 

Vinnie and Dancer Get Adopted Together

Happy Adoption Day for Vinnie (Viviendo El Sueno) and Dancer (Dancer's Notes)!


Sharron adopted both horses and they are so happy to be together with their new forever family.

Thank you Jody Swink for teaching Vinnie and giving him the confidence to load in a trailer, and thank you United Farms for transporting Vinnie and Dancer to their new home.

Concerto and Revenge Get Adopted Together

Happy Adoption Day for Concerto (Evening Concerto) and Revenge (I Am Revenge).


Stephanie and John adopted both horses on June 13 which happens to be Stephanie's birthday. Happy birthday Stephanie! We can't think of a better birthday gift!

Both horses will be boarded at ATHA until the new horse setup is complete at their new home.

Stephanie on Concerto (left) and Michele on Revenge (right) taking an Adoption Day trail ride.

Grayhawk Gets His New Forever Family!

Happy Adoption Day for handsome Grayhawk!! Matylda and Lyle visited the Ranch shortly after Grayhawk arrived, looking for a new addition to their family, and he caught their attention.


Today, he joined his new forever family with Lyle, Matylda and their Arabian gelding, Tristen (pictured with Grayhawk).


Congratulations to all, and we look forward to your adventures together!

Why Him "Wyatt" Is Adopted!

Happy Adoption Day to Regina and 3-year-old Wyatt "Why Him"!! 


Regina loved Wyatt the day she started volunteering with us a couple months ago and has been working with him ever since.


Today, we made it official and couldn't be happier for these two! Congratulations!! 

Welcome Inconceivable

Meet our latest herd member, two-year-old Inconceivable, a gray thoroughbred gelding. 

Inconceivable is very quiet and calm and is fitting in with the rest of the herd very nicely.

His sire is Coil and dam is Lutess (by Maria's Mon). 

He is track broke but never had a race.

Local Company Donates to ATHA

StickySaguaro.com, a community-minded local company, chooses a different charity each month to help assist them in their mission. Their office manager, Amanda, carefully scrutinized ATHA to make sure our organization and passion matched their focus.


Pictured is Sebastian who presented After The Homestretch with donated funds collected during the month of August ... enough funds to purchase feed and hay for two-weeks for our herd of 23 horses!

"Sticky Saguaro was born in the Arizona sun and have put roots down in Chandler, Arizona. We are a family owned and operated business striving to put patient’s needs first. Our friends and family have battled many illnesses such as Crohn’s disease, Cancer and Severe Migraines which have steered our focus and efforts to be data and medicinally driven. We are here to serve you as our patients and will do our best to assist each and every one of you to meet your quality of life standards."

Thank you, Sticky Saguaro!! Whinnies and neighs from the herd.

Sticky Saguaro donates to After The Homestretch AZ
Sebastian with Sticky Saguaro donates to ATHA

ATHA Adds Four To The Herd

We added four rescues of off track thoroughbreds to our herd!

Meet our newest horses:

Top Picture: Boy Toy "Tia" (15 year old gray mare and mother of the gray colt) and Shashanmahaganrand "Sasha" (4 year old chestnut filly and daughter of Sara).

Pulayarmahagsbrand "Grayhawk" (4 year old gray colt) and his sire, Acolyte "Ace" (15 year old stallion).

ATHA Rescues 4 Off Track Thoroughbreds

ATHA Receives TCA Grant

A big THANK YOU to Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA) for their generous grant and continued support!! We appreciate their help that allows us to continue providing the horses in our program the top-notch care they deserve.


Pictured from left to right (which also happens to be our board) Liz OttMichele Anderson Charney, College Graduate (Grady) and Dannielle Marturana.

2018 Grantee Logo.png
ATHA receives TCA grant

7th Anniversary Spaghetti Dinner

Our 7th Anniversary Spaghetti Dinner was held at Harold's Corral in Cave Creek, AZ on July 29, 2018. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the delicious spaghetti dinner and participated in the silent auction and 50/50 raffle.

We raised just over $4,100 for our horses thanks to the efforts of so many volunteers and supporters. 

Read more and see photos >

ATHA 7th Anniversary celebration at Harold's Corra

Mephista Has A Forever Family

Born on Kentucky bluegrass in 1997, Mephista is the daughter of Devil His Due (who made almost $4-million on the track) and Ask My Secretary (whose dad was Secretariat). This famous lady has been with us for 2 1/2 years and was ready to have a family of her own. 


Maryann and Michael visited to look for a companion horse for their mare, Matzi. Now at 21 years of age, Mephista is back in a grass pasture living a wonderful life that she deserves. We are grateful to Michael and Maryann for choosing her. 

Mephista, granddaughter of Secretariat is adopted

Edie Has A New Loving Home

For Victoria's 16th birthday, her mom gave her a special birthday box.

edie's adoption agreement

Inside was Edie's Adoption Agreement and Jockey Club Registration! Edie now has a person of her own. Happy Birthday Victoria! We are so happy for both of you.

victoria and edie

The Ranch Has A New College Graduate

We have our own "College Graduate"... that is his name. We call him Grady. He is 16 years old and was part of a very large rescue carried out by Healing Hearts Animal Rescue. 

College Graduate's jockey of record is Victor Espinoza, the jockey who rode American Pharaoh for his Triple Crown win in 2015.


Grady is just about the sweetest and quietest stallion we have ever been around. We were worried at first how he would be with our volunteers. No worries ... totally quiet, sweet and respectful.

ATHA rescues College Graduate "Grady"

2018 Kentucky Derby Party

Photos are in of The Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale Kentucky Derby party with Sean McLaughlin, and we have so many to thank!


First, thank you to Denise Seomin for inviting us again as the charity of choice for this fun event! Denise also helped with set up and tear down of panels for the horses, clean up detail (even in her fancy Derby outfit!) and provided roses for pictures with the horses and carrots for treats.


For the rest of the story and to view the photos, click here.

Lee's Gold at Kentucky Deby party

Lee's Gold proudly posed for countless photos!

The Ranch Gets Much Needed Shade

We have 3 beautiful new shades for the horses. Thank you, Mike Crowley, for designing, picking up and installing them. 


Thank you Leslie Briefman for helping with setting the poles the first day. We're sure you were happy when Comet took over to assist Mike! 

Thank you Jeff Schroeder for completing the work with Mike on Sunday. Thank you to Kelly Schroeder for finding persons to contribute to the cost.


And thank you to CARMA for your grant that also provided funds for this project.

All the horses are enjoying their shades. Thank You!

To learn more about Volunteering at ATHA, click here.

ATHA horses love their new shade
ATHA Volunteers putting up shade
Evening Concerto Arrives At The Ranch

We welcome 11-year-old warhorse Evening Concerto to the Ranch! This boy has had an impressive racing career with 129 total starts and earnings totaling over $284,000. He is also a bit of a Twitter celebrity as he had Alexis Farris, who followed his career and cared so much to see this warhorse have a happy retirement raise over $3,400 within a few days time to drop a claim on him.


Huge kudos and thanks to Alexis Farris, Jeffrey Metz Racing Stables and all the wonderful folks who donated for making his retirement to us possible! 


He is sound and healthy, so once he has some downtime, he will be able to begin retraining and looking for his forever home.

Learn more >

Evening Concerto
Dark and Deep Has A New Loving Home

We are so thrilled that Dark and Deep was adopted by Sandy Frankie. He was the horse that brought Sandy to After The Homestretch and now he is her own!

Deep now has new adventures ahead which includes getting on the good side of the goat in charge.

Learn more about Dark and Deep.

dark and deep gets adopted
Dancer's Notes Arrives At The Ranch

Meet 4 year old, chestnut mare, Dancer's Notes. She just wasn't interested in racing anymore so we got a call and picked her up from the track. 

She is a very tall girl already!!

Due to rapid growth & after 14 races, she has swelling in the right knee. X-ray pending. No rigorous activity until her joints catch up.

Learn more about Dancer's Notes.

dancer's notes chestnut filly
Elka Has A Forever Family

This lucky girl, Elka, got adopted today!!


Thank you Stormie for loving her for herself.


Elka will be a trail horse and part of Tim and Stormie's herd that consists of 18 year old Appy, Sweet Pea, and 25 year old QH/TB, Joe Daddy.

Learn more about Elka.

Lakshmimahagansm is adopted
Magnum Arrives At The Ranch

We got a call from the track to look at a 3 year old Quarter Horse that had mysteriously stopped eating and had been seen at an equine hospital where x-rays had been taken and saw a chiropractor. Both had no idea what was wrong but suggested a dire outcome. 

We were his last hope before they were going to euthanize him. 


Learn more about Magnum.

Magnum is rescued at ATHA
Striker Bean Has A Forever Family

Nancy McKinney fell in love with our Striker Bean and ALL his silliness. What a great gift of a home and family for Striker Bean who turns 12 years old the day after his adoption!

Adoption #40 for ATHA. Looking forward to hearing about your new life.

Learn more about Striker Bean.

Striker Bean is adopted
Lakshmimahagansm Arrives At The Ranch

Someone resembles her mother. This is 9 year old Lakshmimahagansm, the daughter of Sara. We call her "Elka."


Beautiful Elka is stocky like her mom but with a very sweet disposition.

Learn more about Elka.

Lakshmimahagansm is Rescued
Adriatic Moon Has A Forever Family

Kristen is officially the proud owner of Adriatic Moon. A horse that had a successful racing career, winning over $310,000, now gets a person of his very own.


We are looking forward to their updating us on their journeys together.

Learn more about Adriatic Moon.

adriatic moon gets adopted
Teddy the Bear Arrives at the Ranch

If there is such a thing as "best possible scenario" for a tumble that fractured his withers in 5 places, Teddy the Bear is in good spirits and should heal in several months. When healed, he could be ridden with a "tree-less" saddle. 


He is a very sweet 8-year-old. He lives up to his name.

Learn more about Teddy the Bear.

Teddy The Bear arrives at ATHA
Lee's Gold Arrives at the Ranch

Meet 8-year old Lee's Gold. He is now retired from the track. He is a very gentle chestnut gelding. 

He has a bone chip above the left knee joint. After it calcifies, he should be able to be trained as a nice trail horse.

Learn more about Lee's Gold.

Lee's Gold Arrives at ATHA
ATHA Gets A New Home

October 5, 2017 was the day After The Homestretch became an owner of this beautiful 5-acre home!!


We cannot thank enough all the amazing volunteers who worked so hard to make this move possible.


The entire herd is together and we look forward to settling into our new home.


Learn more about our new home.

ATHA ranch aerial view
Fox 10 Visits ATHA

Cory McCloskey from Fox News 10 AZ  brought his Cory's Corner crew out to the Ranch to meet the horses and find out a little more about what we do.

Thank you Cory for giving us such great exposure, especially at this time of need, and for the compassion and interest you showed in our horses and their futures!

Learn more about Cory's visit.

Dannielle's Interview on Money Radio's Business for Breakfast Show

After The Homestretch-Arizona Founder and President, Dannielle Marturana, was a guest on Money Radio's Business for Breakfast show featuring "The Business of Sports."

The Business of Sports - Money Radio
00:00 / 00:00
ABC 15 Visits ATHA

Fay Fredricks with ABC 15 came out to the two-acre ranch we were leasing to help us spread the word about our Capital Campaign to raise funds for a new home for our horses.

For the complete article and video, click here.

NBC 15 Visits ATHA
Sonoran News Reports on ASPCA Grant for ATHA

Sonoran News covered a story about ATHA receiving an ASPCA grant for the "Rescuing Racers Initiative." We used that grant money to make sure our horses were trained to be safe and successful in their new adoptive homes.


For the complete article, click here.

Sonoran News Interview
Lady And The Track Interviews Dannielle

Kari Ward interviewed Dannielle to discuss volunteering, donations, and fundraising for ATHA.


For the complete article, click here.

Lady and the Track Interview
Grant Donor TCA Interviews Dannielle

Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA), one of ATHA's grant donors, interviewed Dannielle and published this article to share how we are helping our ex-racehorses.


Thank you to TCA for all their support! 


For the complete article, click here.

TCA Interview

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