Make Us Proud

Tatjana’s heart was once filled with the joy of Lefty, an Appendix - Thoroughbred/Quarterhorse cross. Lefty and Tatjana shared memories and long rides for several years until the end of Lefty’s life (he was 28 years young), in January 2012.

Horse lovers know there is no other way to fill the void of losing a horse than to be around horses again. Tatjana looked on-line to find a local horse rescue to volunteer. She found After The Homestretch-Arizona (ATHA) and became an ardent volunteer working with the ex-racehorses.

A couple of horses caught her attention, Make Us Proud, a 6-year old spunky, energetic, beautiful dark bay Thoroughbred was one of them. Each month watching him grow (which he still is) and becoming a very handsome, muscled young horse started tugging at her empty heart. A bond and connection was building until Tatjana knew she and Make Us Proud needed to be together.

Tatjana and her husband, Chris, at first sponsored Make Us Proud and then began to ready their own home with plans of a horse set-up. In the meantime Decar Run, a 6 year old grandson of Cherokee Run, was also added to their family.

Formally, on February 9, 2015, Tatjana, Make Us Proud, Chris and Decar Run became one family with lots of joy-filled hearts, and all looking forward to some wonderful adventures ahead...together.

2019 Update
Decar and Proud move to Costa Rica with their Adopters, Chris and Tatjana

Per Chris - "Proud and Decar arrived safely in Costa Rica -via Bob Hubbard Transportation, Creech Transportation, Jacaranda Farm Homestead Florida, and DHL.


They traveled with a co-load we were able to arrange and with whom they quarantined with in Florida.. so they had a buddy with them! Tristoni, a warm-blood going to Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Here are a few pics of these international jet setters! They did very well, well behaved and arrived fit and healthy.


They will spend 10 days in quarantine at Club Hipico in Santa Ana before finally coming down to us in the south - about 4 hours and then they will be in their new home. We are so proud of them and so glad we are all reunited again!"