Mr Justin Witha J


The most rewarding part of our mission is to find that perfect match of a home for a horse we have taken in, nurtured, and who has become our friend.

Mr Justin Witha J “Justin” was adopted by Toni Hastings, a woman whose life has been wrapped around, enriched and defined by her horses. Justin marks our Quarter Century - our 25th adoption.

Justin is a registered Appaloosa whose sire is Forty One JJ and his dam is Thoroughbred mare Miss Kidwitha K. Justin had a 2 year racing career with 10 starts, 2 Firsts, 2 Seconds, and 2 Thirds. He won his Appaloosa Derby. Well, with his great grandfather being Seattle Slew, of course!!

Prior to coming to After The Homestretch (ATHA) we met Justin and were drawn by his delightful sense of humor. Unfortunately that went away from periods of being starved and subsequent ailments the lack of nutrition caused. When we went to pick him up, he could barely move, and we thought we were too late. We “Buted him up” to get him into the trailer and brought him to the ranch. When the Bute wore off, he couldn’t move again.


Within a week we were able to pair him up with Comet, our little “not-a-care-in-the-world”, playful Quarter Horse. Mentally, Justin came around but it would take a while for him to get to optimum weight and many vet visits and alternate therapies before he would start moving with that beautiful gait of his. It took a little over a year but Justin was ready for training and adoption.

Toni saw our listings about Justin and made a call to come meet him. The visit was magical. Toni walked over to Justin who was by the water trough and started petting and talking to him. Justin got a glint in his eye, a smile on his face, and reached and got a mouthful of water. He turned his head toward Toni, who told him, “Don’t you dare think of spitting that water all over me.” Justin turned his head back over the trough and dropped his mouthful of water. He then turned toward Toni and licked her. His sense of humor was back!! That is when we knew he had found his home.

Postings by Toni on Facebook tell us how happy having adopted Justin has made her. We are so delighted our friend has found his forever home.

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