Josephine's Hope

Josephine's Hope and Society Girl have a few things in common.  Both had been raced on the track, both had been trained to ride, both were abandoned in the desert by their owners, both were brought to After The Homestretch to prevent them from going to auction (Society Girl on 4/1/12 and Josephine's Hope on 5/16/12) and now.... both have been adopted....together!

A young lady named Madison had been wanting a horse of her own since she was 3 years old.  She would spend every extra hour she could to be around horses. Now at 14, she wanted to use her birthday money to get her very own horse.

She looked on the Internet and found Society Girl, a beautiful horse with a star that looked like a heart--how could she resist!  Her mom made her do all the calling and making arrangements to meet the horse.

Madison with Josephine's Hope (left) and Society Girl

Madison came out to meet and ride Society Girl.  It was a perfect match. While they were riding, Josephine's Hope was tagging on behind them. As it is the two horses had bonded together, perhaps because they sensed similar experiences.


We had asked Madison's family if they could also take Josephine's Hope as a companion for Society Girl and as an extra horse they could ride. The family's heart was big enough for the two mares.


As a surprise to Madison, both horses were brought to her on Thanksgiving weekend. The mares settled right in.  We know there will be many stories Madison will be sharing with us.

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