Quetzel Green

Jaden and Kara.jpg

Quetzel Green, aka “Jaden”, 17h Chestnut, rescued within days of being euthanized.


His journey began when he was saved by ATHA and the kindness of Chris Rider, who graciously fostered him, loved him, and brought in her vet, Dr. Allred, to x-ray him and instruct us in his care. Chris even paid for a series of initial lessons by Kari from Flying Fox Stables.


The next leg of his "journey" was at the McKee's home (Big Tank Ranch) where he was fostered and guided through many-a-spooky-moments (plastic bags, fly spray, bathing) by Alison and where he met some new stall mates who would help him learn "herd" lessons.


In 2017, Jaden found his forever home with Mike Crowley where he resides with herd mates, Apache (a mini therapy horse), Beau (aka Crazy) and Hope (a Belgian draft rescued from a Premarin facility). Jaden enjoys practicing liberty with Mike’s daughter Kara, spending time at the lake in the summer and working on his trail riding skills.

Jaden at Lake Pleasant
Jaden running
Jaden posing for the camera
Kara training Jaden
Jade and Hope being silly