El Maximo

Liz adopted 5 year old El Maximo and was able to walk him to his new home. Liz (a former ATHA board member) had been volunteering at ranch and always had a special place in her heart for "Max".

Max ran in New Mexico and Arizona. He arrived at the ranch in December of 2016 and proved to be a very friendly and quiet horse.


He is also a quick and eager learner and did well with our trainer who was able to ride him after just a few sessions of groundwork.

At the end of July 2016, Liz officially adopted El Maximo and within a month, she was trail riding him in a bit-less bridle. 


El Maximo's sire is Roman Emperor who is the grandsire of American Pharoah....I think American Pharoah would be a bit envious of El Maximo's steady stallmate, Princess.

2019 Update

El Maximo would like to share a typical week of his life with Liz and Maika...

“You know what they say: All work and no play makes me a dull boy.... so here I am on Monday playing with a toy cone. Tuesday, Mom bought me this great sprinkler for $3 at Home Depot because she knows how much I love water.


On Wednesday, here I am running with my TWO girlfriends. Oh, and Thursday, we added one more to my herd! A THIRD girlfriend (yes I am a very lucky guy)!!


And on Friday, I get lessons with my trainer, Jody Swink, so I don’t forget my manners, and I get to experience new adventures on the trail. Yep, I am loving life to the MAX!!”