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More About Dannielle

I started ATHA because, after over 8 years of volunteering for horse rescues, I was looking for somewhere to put all I had learned into where horses still had a great need to be rescued.  With an 8-month racing season, our local Phoenix track has 1700-2100 horses coming from all over the country and Canada to compete. The chances a horse needs to retire from racing or needs somewhere to rehabilitate before learning a new career is very high. That was the niche that needed filling.


I gathered 9 friends who I knew were dedicated to horses and we began our Board. We submitted our request to the IRS and within 3 weeks we received our 501(c)(3) approval. After The Homestretch-Arizona began on July 25, 2011.

In my spare time, I like to go to movie theaters and be entertained by watching movies. It doesn’t matter if it is a drama, comedy, science fiction, or true story, as long as it is well-written and acted, I will enjoy it. (Horror pictures I avoid because that is not entertaining to me.)


Dannielle Marturana

I am inspired by acts of courage, wonders of nature, and people who have “against-all-odds” made great accomplishments.


I can't live without  I was going to say “potatoes.” It seems the most perfect food, whether fried, mashed, baked or made in casseroles. But what I really can’t live without is 'sharing with others.'  

When I first got married my husband thought when someone asked for something of me or I saw a need, he was doing me a favor by telling me it wasn’t my responsibility and to say ‘no.’  This went on for quite awhile until I realized how miserable I had become.  I finally told him that I like to share.  It makes me feel good about myself.


Soon after that conversation, he and I were in line at the grocery store and the lady in front of us with 3 young children bought maybe 4 items.  One of her sons brought up a package of cookies.  She looked in her wallet and explained to her children that they didn’t have enough money and they had bought what was needed.  No child argued or even looked disappointed.  All four started walking home together with their bag of groceries.  I saw them walking together on the sidewalk while my husband and I were driving home.  I looked in my wallet and saw I had a $20 bill.  I asked my husband to pull over.  I got out of the truck and approached the mom and told her I admired the job she was doing with her children.  They were so respectful. I also told her I noticed money was a little tight for her, I had been there myself, and wanted to share what I had with her delightful family… that was a really good day for me.


‘Sharing’ gives me a feeling I can’t live without.

My credentials are: 

Using the skills I have learned from every secular, educational and volunteer experience needed to run a rescue.


While in California I did office work in the fields of Public Health, Land Development, Insurance, and Law. I wanted a career change so I went to a community college and received an Associates of Arts in Sign Language Interpreting. I interpreted part time at the college, interpreting classes for deaf students. I then went on to receive my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies (as a prerequisite to becoming a teacher) from California State University Northridge.


We moved to Arizona and I continued to take classes at Arizona State University to become a Certified High School teacher. While waiting for a job, I worked at the Arizona House of Representatives as a secretary for one session.


I taught High School Business for 11 years—6 years at Trevor Browne High and 5 years at Camelback High School. 


When my husband and I adopted an 8-year-old-daughter, I started my volunteering. I volunteered for 4 ½ years at a Therapeutic Riding Center. I was recruited to be the Barn Manager at a local horse rescue and worked there for 4 years.


On July 25, 2011, After The Homestretch-Arizona came to be with IRS #45-2897060. We currently have 4 Board members, 3 members on our Advisory Council, and 50+ volunteers. We have earned the Platinum Status from GuideStar, the monitoring agency for smaller non-profits. We have been accredited by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance since 2015. We are now in a permanent location – a 5-acre ranch in North Phoenix.

A unique discovery:

I never used to believe in ‘things happen for a reason.’ I always felt we were given a brain to make decisions which resulted in things happening … until I noticed things were happening for a reason for our horses. For example:


Quetzel Green was rescued because of a phone number written on a napkin … just 3 days before he was going to be euthanized.


Brad’s Storm Time was foundering and we were faced with a decision to put him down …  four days later, a lady gave me a business card for an alternative medical practitioner who was able to find a unique solution. He is now adopted and riding the trails.


Our lease was up on the ranch and we were running out of options for a new home for the horses… meanwhile, a friend referred me to a hay store where I just happened to meet a person who was getting ready to sell their ranch. It was perfect for our needs, so we bought it. And now our horses have a permanent home. Later, that friend called to apologize because she accidentally referred me to the wrong hay store.


Look for more stories like these in Our Horses and Adoptions. 


More About Susan

I joined the ATHA Board  because I have been volunteering for five years and felt it was time to be more involved.

In my spare time, I like to travel, go on cruises, and quilt.

I am inspired by people who work hard all their lives.

I can't live without friends and family.

My credentials are:

Owner/Operator of demolition and trucking company for 35 years.

An interesting fact about me is I lived without water and only on a catchment system for five years. It makes you realize how important water is. 

Susan and Lee.jpg

Susan Hayes

Vice President  &

Director of Operations

More About Beth

I joined the ATHA Board to further promote the organization through the website and digital communications. I was originally hired to update and manage the website but there was an immediate connection with Dannielle, the horses, and ATHA’s mission that I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing operation as a volunteer.  

In my spare time, I enjoy writing, reading, studying, and learning new things. Basically, I’m a nerd and quite proud of it!

I am inspired by people who overcome adversity while maintaining optimism. And I’m energized by conversations with deep thinkers who have an open mind and no hidden agenda.

I can’t live without laughter, my loved ones and our rescue dog, Maggie. She’s a silly and lovable Black Mouth Cur. Oh, and books! I definitely can’t live without books!

Beth and Comet.jpg

Beth Laster

Secretary & Director of Marketing and Communications

My credentials are:

  • Entrepreneur since 1983 and I've built, managed and sold several businesses.

  • Currently own and operate two businesses – one with my husband (commercial foodservice equipment repair) and one on my own (web design and business consulting).

  • Served on the board of a public education foundation for 7 years.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

This powerful quote by Helen Keller means so much to me. Without the dedicated and passionate volunteers who give so generously and freely of their time and resources, the success of this organization would not be possible.


More About Tina

I joined the ATHA Board when I became the volunteer coordinator, I really felt connected and wanted to make a positive impact on our volunteers and directors. I feel very compassionate about what we do and what better way to show that then being on the board of directors.  I think that being on the front line with the volunteers and listening to their input and taking that forward in a positive manner will be win-win for everyone and most of all for the herd.  

In my spare time, take horseback riding lessons on my trusty steed Lilly. You can find me working on simple crafts like restoring broken or weathered windchimes or rock painting, (I have lots of great shaped rocks in my yard). I also like taking care of my outdoor and indoor house plants. I have several avocado and lime trees that I started from seed. I like going to our favorite Mexican food restaurant and trying out new restaurants. Last but not least, decorating my house, inside and out, depending on what holiday or season it is.

Tina Vail & Cowboy

Tina Vail

Director of  Volunteer Services

I am inspired by those who can, do, and those who can no longer do, teach.  I am inspired by someone who is physically or mentally challenged and overcomes that to aspire to a level that they thought was impossible. I am inspired by anyone who is not afraid to ask. What is the worst thing that can happen? You get a no answer…. or better yet, you may get a yes… That is how I met the President of the United States by asking his communications director, “How does one get invited to this event?” The next thing I know, I am getting a call late in the night from the Secret Service with directions to a pick-up point for the event, true story. That inspired me not to be afraid to ask.


I can't live without family and yorkies. Yorkshire Terriers are the best. If you are down on your luck or even just need an occasional shoulder to cry on or a sounding board, your family will always be there. I have 9 brothers and sisters and 3 children, that is an extensive support system. A family will always be there to see that you are loved and supported.


Yorkies will be there for everything else. They love unconditionally. I have had 6 yorkies in my lifetime. Two of which I still have. I love this breed due to the fact that they do not shed and are hypoallergenic. I did discover that they can tend to be neurotic. At least some of mine were/are. Our male yorkie, Tucker, I believe was a human at one time and came back as a dog. I kid you not he thinks like a human and acts like a dog.  We love them both though.

My credentials are: 

  • AS in Business Management from Moorpark Community Collage

  • Employed with a multimillion-dollar Tele-Communications company as a field tech, engineer and Project Coordinator (42 yrs.)

Near and dear to my heart:

I am genuinely interested in the happiness of people. I found my new happiness in volunteering and being able to work with such wonderful caring people. I find great happiness in being able to be a part of these horses’ rehabilitation, retraining and adoption. I told my husband when I retired that I wanted to volunteer at a pet rescue. I chose ATHA because it is a horse rescue and it would be harder to sneak a horse into the house than a dog. Plus, I love the work that ATHA is doing.


I hope to someday go to Ireland with my husband. Covid kind of put the brakes on that for now. We do love vacations, so Ireland is not off the table yet. Don’t worry, I am not going to kiss the Blarney Stone!


I love Mexican food. I hope someday to learn how to make a decent tamale. I did make a valiant effort to undertake this phenomenon called tamale making but fell short and ended up with a soupy masa, corn husk mess. Oh, somewhere in that mess was green chili and cheese.


My best childhood memory was riding my sister’s best friend’s Paint horse, back to the stable in Santa Barbara with no experience whatsoever of how to ride. Thank heavens that there was little to no traffic on the main street that afternoon. Once Sabrina got wind of where she was going there was no stopping her. Luckily, she got me there all in one piece.


I drive a 2010 red Corvette. My love for the Corvette came at the tender age of 14. My sister dated a person who had a 1969 canary yellow Corvette Stingray and from then on, I decided that someday I will have a Corvette. It took 40 yrs. but I have the car of my dreams. However, I would trade a ride in my 350-horse-powered car for a ride on your horse-powered horse anytime!   


More About Tony

I joined the ATHA Board I had been volunteering for a while and was honored to be asked. I wanted to get more involved and contribute more to the incredible work we do.

In my spare time, I like to ride motorcycles and horses (but not at the same time), watch soccer, and I’m also a certified open water scuba diver.

I am inspired by our fantastic volunteers who give so selflessly their time and energy and the work we do for our magnificent horses.

I can't live without chocolate and quadruple shot latte (Self-confessed coffee snob - I roast my own coffee beans!) 

My credentials are: 

Originally from the UK, my family had a riding school in England so I have been around horses my whole life. I have been in the information technology field for 40 years, primarily in the entertainment industry. I came to the USA in 1997 and moved to Northern Arizona in 2005. I have been an entrepreneur and a restauranteur.

Tony and Ridgeway.jpg

Tony Janes

Director of  Equine Management

My passion:

I have a deep love for all animals. I have been fortunate to get up close and personal with lion cubs and cheetahs in Africa, sharks and sea turtles in the Caribbean, and I have two big dogs, a Newfoundland and a rescued Pyrenees/Anatolian mix.


As a young boy, my cousin’s hunter mare, Aquila, started my love for horses. It inspired me to do many great things over the years. I have been a groom for dressage horses in France, participated in riding therapy for the disabled, and fulfilled a childhood dream to be a cowboy, taking care of a herd of 65 Arabian horses and 100 head of pedigree British White cattle.


Nothing has given me more satisfaction than the work we do here at ATHA.

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