Alki Run

Alki Run was with us the longest --18 months.  So many issues kept coming up that we had to address.  At times he got really we were wondering if he would ever find a perfect home.


When Kim Drangsland came out to work with his issues, using acupressure, magnets, laser, and poultices, there was something about him that kept drawing him to her.  Alki was a challenge for her and Kim knew that if she could unlock the secret to his resisting treatment, the knowledge she would gain would be priceless.


Then Kim brought her daughter, Kara, and a different Alki came out.  He was instantly drawn to her.  Kara loved him so much, she started saving money so that she could adopt Alki and he would be her June birthday present to herself.


On June 9, 2013, Alki Run was adopted and went home! Now he is a much different horse - happy, playful, and a pleasure to be around. Alki said good-bye to Comet, the little yearling he took under his wing and gave last-minute instructions to Cisco to continue Comet's care.

Kim Hendricks helped load him up and deliver him to his new home.  Congrats to Alki for how far he's come, and to Kim and Kara for bringing out the best in Alki and unlocking the secret to what was holding him back from enjoying life.  He's loving life now!