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Our Safety Rules are contained in our Volunteer Orientation Manual which you can download here, or by clicking anywhere on the image

Our Ranch is located In Desert Hills (12th Street, just north of Maddock Rd, Phoenix 85086). Currently there are 16 horses you can volunteer to care for. Buddy (Groundstar), Marshall (Janzig Affair), Hawkeye (The Shaughraun), Bella (Belle Bessa), Tango Mango, Halee’s Bliss, Reno (Front Runner), Bean (Striker Bean), Nick (Victory for Ce), Stu (Stubborn Streak), Mephista, Tyger Top, Edie (Charybdis), Sandy (Sandyneck), Dark & Deep and Comet are fed 2 times a day and their water replenished; their stalls and turnouts are scooped twice a day and they love being groomed and handled. We also have a schedule for giving our horses “Play Time” in the Arena, as well as training from one of our visiting trainers.

If you would like to volunteer at the Desert Hills location, please contact our Volunteer Director, Sandy Frankie (eMail Sandy) who would be happy to meet with you and show you around. We would suggest you take a look at our Volunteer Orientation Manual which contains detailed information about our Volunteer Program and application forms to join our team – ATHA NEEDS YOU! You can download the Manual here where you will find the neccessary forms to submit your application.

(Volunteers should be at least 18 years of age to work with ex-racehorses or accompanied by an adult.)

We also need help with fundraising ideas, construction projectsworking promotional tables at events and soliciting product donations from manufacturers and merchants, and evaluating and training our horses.

 Together we can PREPARE

ex-racehorses for their new homes