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2016, OH MY!

Comet here, reflecting on 2016. I’m a five-year (almost six-year) old Hancock Quarter Horse residing at After the Homestretch-AZ (ATHA) with a herd of fifteenCometFace copy Thoroughbreds; all retired from the track. What a year it has been: Seven adoptions, new horses, rehabilitations, training, TAA accreditation, great volunteers… Oh, My!! I am told this is all made possible because of your continued support…THANK YOU!!.

Victory for Ce ‘Nick’, The Shaughraun ‘Hawkeye’, I Am Revenge, Striker Bean, El Maximo, Groundstar ‘Buddy’ and ‘Sandy’neck.are all doing well in their new homes and all are being ridden either on the trail or getting ready for dressage or hunter/jumper shows.

newlycometrenoJoining our herd: Adriatic Moon, Jack- hammer, Macchiato, Saraswatianmahagan ‘Sara’, and Newly. Adriatic Moon and Jackhammer are rehabbed and ready for training but Sara and Macchiato need a lot more care and attention. Newly is just 2 ½ years old so he just needs to rest, grow up a little more and learn to live in a herd….helping him to live with us in the herd is my specialty J (Here’s a picture of me and Reno greeting Newly. Isn’t he cute?)

Training has become a #1 goal and made possible with grants from the After the Finish Line funds, ASPCA (Ex-Racers Training Grant), Arizona Community Foundation Animal Welfare & Horse Lovers Grant, and the CARMA grant. Laurette Harris began the training for the horses and Greggory Businger and Michelle Raugust are continuing with training. I bet more horses will be adopted soon.

We received accreditation from the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and are featured in their magazine. My stall mate, Front Runner ‘Reno’ is featured in the magazine – I always knew he was a star and Greggory feels Reno has the makings of a dressage horse. You can find the magazine on their website: www.thoroughbredaftercare.org.

All of us at ATHA (both horses and humans) want to say “Thank You” for your support and we wish you the of 2017 and hope it is filled with joy and love.

NEVER SAY NEIGH: Our Success is because of You!!

                                                2016 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

Credit Goes To…

Grants and Funds – 2016: After the Finish Line; Allen-Heath Foundation; Arizona Community Foundation & Horse Lovers’ Grant; ASPCA; CARMA; Edward B. Burr Foundation; One Last Race; Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance; Thoroughbred Charities of America

Donors and Horse Sponsors – 2016: Janie B. A.; Mary B.; Amy B.; Roman & Georgia B.; Jessica B.; Deborah B.; Carol C.; George & Betty C.; Kelly & Rob C.; Adam & Michele C.; Linda C.; Dennis & Linda C.; CopperPoint Insurance Co.; Nick & Nancy C.; Susan C.; Cindy D.; Kim D.; Danielle D.; Frederick D.;Tracy D.; Ralph & Diane D.; Judy F.; Marie F.; Sandy F.; Bobby & Charlene F.; Erica G.; Ken G.; James & Kathleen G.; Brooke G.; Jennifer G.; John G.; Susan G.; Larry G.; Joan G.; Sandi G.: Priscilla H.; Alena H.; Susan H.; Leanda H.; Stan H.; Chris J.; Murray K.; Jerry & Linda K.; Kevin K.; Joe L.; Roger L.; Diane L.; James & Roberta L.; Deborah M.; Cheryl L.: Dannielle M.; Diana M.; Edward N.; Chris & Tatjana O.; Destiny O.; Kay Marie P.; Suzie P.; Alanna P.; Linda P.; Jim & Rebecca P.; Mary P.; Nick R.; Leslie R.; Aleta R.; Kathleen R.; Sandra S.; Joanne Sharp & Jay S.; Denise S.; Linda Snelson; Elaine S.; Terri S.; Jacqueline S.; Scott S.; Doug & Wendi V.; Kari W.; Gisele Tom W.; Jennifer W.; Lisa W. (Last Names were purposely left off to avoid anyone soliciting you for donations.)

Events and Venues – ATHA is Charity of Choice – 2016          : Copper Country Paint Association (Mark & Delores Kuhlwein); Four Reel Farms Hunter/Jumper Shows (Laurette Harris); Harold’s Corral Derby Day; The Phoenician Derby Day

Business (Auction Item) Donations – 2016 : Mary Lynn D’Aubin Arbonne Consultant; Arizona Cardinals; Arizona American Saddlebred Foundation; Arizona Diamondbacks; AZ Sonoran Desert Museum; Bill Barone; Barazona; Blazin’ M Ranch; Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center; Cheesecake Factory; Creative Sole Design – Joanne Gerster; Desert Botanical Gardens; Don & Charlies; FATTZOs Pizza; Gaston Jewelers; HealFast-Therapy Patches; Helio Basin Brewery; Images by Blaire Catherine; Patti Gallagher-Jones; Knowledge In Motion (Equine/Canine Therapy); Artist/Painter Doug Levitt; Melanie Levy Photography; MacDonald Ranch; Dennis Miller (Painting); Museum of Natural History; Derby Hats by Suzie Payne; Phoenix Zoo; Phoenix Art Museum; PRP Wines; Seven Dogs Grooming & Boutique; Ray Smith; Bob Papke – Sunset Saddle and Leather (Pine AZ); The Phoenician; Three Bars Feed & Tack; Tombstone Monument Ranch; Turf Paradise; Verde Canyon Railroad; Artist Kathy Walker; Wildlife World Zoo

Volunteers – 2016: Lynne Augsburger; Melissa & Emily Birkle; John Bonner; Lois Burish; Maika & Liz Campos; Cheryl Casati; Kelly & Rob Chabak; Adam Charney; Red Cirino; Dennis Cooper; Denise Cortez; Scott & Conny & Amanda Dixon; Charlene Freeman; Greg Freeman & Family; Patti Gallagher-Jones; Brooke George; Priscilla Hanson; Susan Hayes: Randy Hellmann; Terris & Sandi Inches; Judy Johnson; Amanda Krautstrunk; Joe Lange; Jerry McGee; Nico; David Ott; Kim Parry; Alanna Petrusich; Carol Powers; Michelle Raugust; Jeff Rensel; Ryan; Daniel & Heather Smith; Diana Steiner; Kari Ward; Matt & Susan Wilson; Brandi Wright; Noel Yuen

Advisory Board – 2016: Kim Drangsland – Knowledge in Motion; Laurette Harris – Four Reel Farms; Dr. Stacey Sickler -Carefree Equine Veterinarian Services

Board Members – 2016: Dannielle Marturana – President; Michele Anderson-Charney–VP & Treasurer; Sandy Frankie – Director of Education & Volunteers; Bobby Freeman – PR & Community Outreach

ATHA is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. All monies donated are used solely for the horses with a very small percentage covering administrative costs: (postage, bank fees, website management). 501c3 Public Charity – IRS 45-2897060   www.afterthehomestretchaz.org

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